Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Bhutan, The Last Paradise!

Bhutan is a land of soaring snowcapped peaks, alpine meadows and densely forested hills and ravines abounding in exotic flora and fauna. It is located between Tibet in the north, Indian states of West Bengal and Assam in the south, and Arunachal Pradesh in the east. Bhutan, the happiest country in the world despite relatively low life expectancy, a literacy rate of just 47%, and a very low GDP per capita. Where other countries measure their success by their Gross National Product, Bhutan measures their success by their Gross National Happiness. It is estimated that between two thirds and three quarters of the Bhutanese population follow Vajrayana Buddhism, which is also the state religion. About one quarter to one third are followers of Hinduism.


You will be enthralled with the breath taking view once you landed to the Paro Airport. Apparently there is only one airline to Bhutan which is the Druk Airway. Granted, things are slower and much more easy going in Bhutan, so it’s no coincidence that they place a premium on quality of life. 700,000 people live in the kingdom, a country with one airport and two commercial planes, where the east can only be reached from the west after four days’ travel on mountain roads.

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Another breath taking view and Tibet is just next to the snowy mountain. On your right you can see a well preserved beautiful valley with magnificent view from the mountain top.


The architecture of the structure and building symbolize Bhutanese tradition is deeply steeped in its Buddhist heritage.


Me in traditional Bhutanese dress thanks to the hotel staff. Bhutanese traditional dress is called the gho (men’s robes) and kira (women’s dress). The women’s dress is a length of woven material (kira) that is draped across the body over a blouse, and held in place over the shoulders with silver clasps. A toego (or jacket) is usually worn over the dress. The man’s gho is a stitched robe, which reaches the ground when first worn. This is then pulled up to knee length and tied in place at the waist with a hand-woven belt. Long socks and shoes, or traditional hand made boots complete the attire.

IMG_7149 IMG_7230
The little boy asked me "Do you have chocolate? I reply no and asked him whether he would like to have an apple. He node his head and I ran to the car to get him an apple taken from the hotel. I'm so happy looking at him happily crunching the apple. On your right is a kind of artistic movement suggested by our partner and wala a beautiful and artistic piece of art.

IMG_7240 IMG_7213 IMG_7358 IMG_7184

The sacred water as offering to the GOD turned into ice under an extreme cold wind at -5'C. On your right is my Bhutanese partner and I’m amazed on the traditional dress under such an extreme cold weather. I have to admit he looks perfectly cool and handsome couple with dark glasses.

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